Size of project:                60,000 SF (interior conditioned space)

Construction cost:           $24 million

Phases of Commissioning: Schematic Design through Post-Occupancy:  March, 2006 to present


Project Description:


This new 6,800 seat stadium will be home to the University’s baseball team.  The project includes approximately 60,000 square feet of indoor space to house luxury boxes, locker rooms, weight training facilities, offices, concessions, and support spaces.  The project will also be LEED certified.


The project commissioned systems included:


·       Johnson Controls Building Automation System integrated into campus networked control system.

·       Central VAV air handling units with DDC-controlled variable air volume reheat air terminal units.

·       Variable-volume chilled water from campus chilled water loop.

·       Steam to heating hot water heat exchangers with variable-volume hot water.

·       Lighting and lighting controls.

·       Domestic water systems.


System WorCx Scope of Work:


System WorCx was hired as a third-party commissioning firm contracted directly to the University. Michael Mantai was the commissioning authority leading all commissioning activities (design reviews, Cx plan, field testing, troubleshooting, etc.).  Scope includes design phase work (design reviews, specifications, etc.), construction phase work (submittal reviews, site observations, meetings, checklists, testing, etc.), and post-occupancy work (occupant surveys, followup testing and trending, opposed season testing, warranty punchlist, etc.).


Owner Project Contact:  

Michael Koman             803-777-1986

University of South Carolina, 1215 Blossom Street, Columbia, SC  29208