Size of project:         Total:  213,000 SF

Renovation:  138,000 SF

New Construction:  75,000 SF

Construction cost:     $56 million 

Phases of Commissioning: Design Development through Post-Occupancy

 Project Description:


The project includes wet and dry laboratories for all university science departments, including biology, genetics, chemistry, physics, geology, and ecology. The building also includes a vivarium, herbarium, nuclear lab and other specialty spaces. The project is designed to be highly energy-efficient using chilled beam technology, low-flow fume hoods, energy recovery, variable air volume fume hood exhaust, and other strategies, and will be LEED® certified (goal of Gold level).  The building design has followed the guidelines of the Laboratories for the 21st Century program.


The project commissioned systems included:


·       Johnson Controls Metasys Building Automation System integrated into campus networked control system.

·       100% outside air central air handling units with DDC-controlled variable air volume reheat air terminal units.

·       Exhaust heat recovery through molecular sieve wheels.

·       Variable-volume laboratory control fume hood exhaust system with Phoenix control valves.

·       Chilled beams, radiant floor heating and cooling, and fan coil cooling systems.

·       Variable volume chilled water and heating hot water.

·       Lighting controls based on daylight, occupancy sensors and dimmers.

·       Dual-fuel paralleled Emergency Generators and Automatic Transfer Switches.

·       Graywater treatment and re-use system.

·       Laboratory air compressor and vacuum pump systems.

·       Fire alarm and fire protection systems.


System WorCx Scope of Work:


System WorCx was hired as a third-party commissioning firm contracted directly to the University.  Commissioning includes HVAC and controls, emergency electrical power, fire protection, laboratory gas and vacuum, plumbing, and lighting controls.  Michael Mantai was the commissioning authority performing all commissioning activities (design reviews, Cx plan, field testing, troubleshooting, etc.). 


Scope includes design phase work (design reviews, specifications, etc.), construction phase work (submittal reviews, site observations, meetings, checklists, testing, etc.), and post-occupancy work (occupant surveys, followup testing and trending, opposed season testing, warranty punchlist, etc.).


Owner Project Contact:


Jeff Redderson                 864-294-3262

Furman University, 3300 Poinsett Highway, Greenville, SC 29613